Saturday, February 14, 2015

100 Days In

On Monday you could sense something stirring in the air...

On Tuesday the wind shifted...

By Wednesday it was clear something big was coming...

And on Thursday the excitement reached a fever pitch...

Finally, it was Friday, and everybody let loose because...

     Last year's celebration was fun, but this year the teachers and kids really outdid themselves.

There were hats:

Grade 1

Grade 1

Grade 2.  10 stripes with 10 objects on each.  10 x 10 = 100!!

In Kindergarten:

We've come a long way since Day 39!

The kindergartners filled in a hundreds chart...

....then cut it apart and threw all the pieces in the air like confetti.

They also practiced their tallying skills.

The first graders sorted 100 objects:

How much money?

I got to bring my Legos to school!

Got a Jigglypuff card?

The second graders had fun in centers:

Kids in the upper grades also got into the act:

This game was originally called Total Ten.  The numbers in the squares were decimals.  The object was to capture 3 squares in a row that equaled 10.  I changed the decimals to whole numbers by whiting out the decimal points.
Congratulations to all the teachers and kids who made the 100th day so special.


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