Monday, August 6, 2018

TMC '18: A Photo Retrospective

I-71 North.  Hello Cleveland!

First-timer Jamie Spinato.  I met Jamie when she student taught at my school.  She got a job in the district, participated in one of my summer workshops, and signed on to twitter.  I convinced her to try TMC, and we co-presented a session on Friday.

Opening Ceremonies.  Lisa reminds us all to be on time.  

Chase Orton led my morning session on Japanese lesson study.  Nobody pulls off a cap like Chase.

Brian Miller led a session on how to use geometry to draw a human eye.

Mine didn't come out so good.  

Brian Miller, Graham Fletcher, and Sheri Walker

Nicole Paris, Wendy Menard, Annie Perkins, and Hedge

Wendy Menard, Jamie, and Edmund Harriss grab lunch.

Jason Henry.  We need Lisa, and Lisa needs Jason.  Ergo we need Jason.
Not exactly sure what Max has in mind here, but it looks like Barbie Bungee without the bungee.

A few blocks from the hotel.  This was a good place for breakfast.  They had fresh squeezed orange juice.

What do you notice?  What are you wondering?
Greta and Jamie outside Phoenix Coffee.  This was a few blocks from the school, and another good place to get breakfast.

John Golden and Elizabeth Statmore share a moment.

Kent Haines did a session on Exploding Dots.  I kinda get it now.  
Bob Lochel did a session on how to make yucky math topics more fun.  I wish Bob had been one of my high school math teachers.

I mathed.  Thanks Bob!

Dinner with Lisa Bejarano, Amie Albrecht, Nicole Paris, and Chrissy Newell.  Amie came all the way from Australia!

Pretty much everybody wound up at Mitchell's at some point.  Their ice-cream was really good, and I'm an ice-cream snob.  
Dylan Kane made a last minute appearance.  He did a session with Lisa Bejarano.  
Megan Schmidt, Steve Weimar, and Annie Perkins were kind enough to run a flex session on Islamic Geometric Design.  Not bad for my first try!

Ben Sabree was so into it he continued to work on his design on the bus back to the hotel.

Megan did a My Favorite and reminded everyone about the importance of elementary school teachers.  Thanks Megan!

Edmund, Glen Waddell, and John at the Phoenix preparing for their keynote.
Jersey girls Jamie Spinato, Anna Panova, and Sasha Fradkin.  They don't pump gas.

Game night is one of my favorite parts of TMC.  This year, the game of Set was a big hit.  That's Chris Luzniak, Chrissy Newell, and Michelle N.  

Tina Cardone shows off one of her creations.

John O'Malley IV, Glenn Waddell, and a friend exploring tiles.

John Golden finally taught me how to play Magic.  He let me win.

Goodnight TMC '18.  (Photo credit: Tina Cardone)
Where will we be in 2019?  The suspense is killing us!!  

Who's in?