Thursday, January 23, 2014

Posting and Toasting

     A few weeks ago Michael Pershan asked us to blog about our favorite non-education related internet site.  So here's mine: Posting and Toasting.  It's a blog for the suffering New York Knicks fan community.  Seth Rosenthal, who posts game summaries, other Knicks news, and pictures of interesting lizards, fish, and birds, is spot-on hilarious.  And I even found something I could use in school. This from his recap of last night's train wreck vs. the Sixers describing the complete lack of Knick defense:

"The rotations are like some sort of fifth-grade math word problem. If Iman thinks Carmelo should be guarding Evan and Carmelo thinks Tyson should be guarding Evan and Tyson thinks Iman should be guarding Evan, then who is actually guarding Evan? NOBODY. NOBODY EVER. "

     And I can't sign off without acknowledging the originator of the phrase "posting and toasting"(along with spinning and winning, moving and grooving, slicing and dicing, bounding and astounding, wheeling and dealing,stumbling and bumbling, and shaking and baking, as well as other memorable turns of phrase), the former Knick great and current color analyst:
Walt "Clyde" Frazier

     And my daughter and I got to meet him at his restaurant, Clyde's Wine and Dine, after a Knicks game last year!  He's just as cool in person as he is on TV.

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