Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's the real thing...

Yesterday was day 1 of our estimation180-style "grams of sugar" extravaganza.  I was very excited to find out how the kids would respond.

How many grams of sugar in the bottle of Coke?
I even passed around a little baggie with a gram of sugar (that's 1/4 teaspoon, according to my sister the nutritionist).

   The estimates were interesting.  The lowest "too low" was 5 grams, the highest "too high" was 60 grams.  Most "just rights" were in the 15g-30g range.

They were really surprised! 

  Many of the number lines had to be extended onto the next page of their notebooks.

Thanks to Jeff for letting me use his class to test this one out.  And there's lots more sugar to come!


  1. Love the use of a number line Joe. What a solid idea! Saw your estimation180 and it pushed me to turn it into a 3-act but using Mountain Dew. You shared... so I'll throw one back your way!


    1. Thanks Graham. I love the Mountain Dew 3-act. Using the number line during the estimation activities has been an interesting experience. I have a few more "sugar" ones planned with a mint (3 1/2 g), a starburst (2 3/4 g), and a skittle (3/4 g). I'm curious to see how they will handle the fractions and mixed numbers on their number lines.